Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Red Poppy Drama

This is a book that my teacher Mrs Eeles read to us. It was a book on World War 1. The main characters were Jim, Karl and a dog named Nipper. We had to do still images of Jim, freeze frame of Jim and Karl and a group freeze frame. When we did the freeze frame I worked with Caitlin, Fine, Samantha and Jharda'e. Our options for the freeze frame was before rescue, during rescue and after rescue. Me and my group did during rescue. Fine was Jim and the rest of us was rescuing her. I think my group was good at freezing when the teacher counted up zero. I played Jim when me and my partner Fine were doing Freeze frame of Jim and Karl. When I was Jim I was shot through my hand. I think I was good and freezing.

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Mrs Eeles said...

A great description of your drama work. Well done.

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