Thursday, 25 April 2013

My video on my holidays

This is my video on my holidays. If you are wondering why I made this video it's because I am entering a competition where you put a detailed post up on your blog and if they pick you as the winner you'll get a cellphone a prize. I hope you all enjoy this video and enjoy your holidays. Please leave some comments.


Caitlin said...

Hi Angel

You have made a very funny video I think I might make a video of my self doing the same thing talking about my holidays and I would just like to say Hi.

From Caitlin

Lavinia said...

Hi Angel

I think that you made a good video. And like how you had a red poppy on your shirt and you and some cool hearts in you pages. Great video keep it up.

Latisha said...

Hi Angel,

I think you have made a really cool and great video.
You are sure having a fun filled holliday keep up the blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angel,
like your video. Its really cool
Keep up the great work

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