Monday, 30 September 2013

Day 1 Of The School Holidays: Angel

Today I read 143 pages of the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It is a really awesome book.  It is about a kid named Greg Heffley. He thinks that being a kid stinks. But luckily Greg has a best friend named Rowley, and both survive High School.  

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Current Events Results: Angel

This is my Current Event Results for term 3.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Matinee Reflection: By Angel

Today my class performed their production item in front of our parents and Tamaki Primary. I think that we did well even though we went on the stage at the wrong time. We were really calm on stage and did not panic. Mr Johnston said that Halaiano did a superb job at speaking loud. I also think that Halaiano did a great job. Everyone backstage did an excellent job not talking. Even though it was raining outside we still made it on stage at the right time. We got dressed up in our costumes in Room Four. We waited for awhile before we went on stage. Miss Paton told some people to take the boxes to the hall. Patrick, Yvette Fine had to take Waka No. 2 onto the stage, Caitlin, and Samantha had to take Waka No. 1 onto the stage and Angel (me) had to take the oars. I think that I need to talk louder even though I have a microphone. I also think that Lavinia, Fine and Patrick need to have  louder voices. I think that our whole class needs to get off and on stage faster. We also think we need to get more people to get the wooden props off the stage so that we don’t have to get the backstage people getting them all by running back to get them again and again. Overall I think that Room Five did an excellent job.

My Maths Whizz Results: By Angel

This is my results on Maths Whizz. I took a very long time to complete his activity.

My Outside Template Brochure: By Angel

My reflection on Room 5's Production Item By Angel

My reflection on our production item

What is the story line of your production item?
The first scene focuses on Rangi (Halaiano), Papa (Lavinia), Aoraki and his three brothers. Rangi decided to send his four sons to look at the new earth. The four brother sailed day and night in the canoe. The brothers saw no land. The skies turned grey and rain started to fall. Aoraki was flung onto one of the rocks. The canoe did not sink. The brothers scrambled on top of the canoe. The canoe turned into a long piece of land. The second scene focuses on the brothers growing old. The brothers grew old. Their hair turned from black to white and their bodies turned into great stone mountains. Aoraki was the highest mountains and his brother were smaller mountains. The third scene focuses on Aoraki’s friends being worried. When Aoraki did not return home his friends got worried. Tuterakiwhano (Patrick) had an idea. His friends sailed and sailed to look for Aoraki. The friends saw the broken canoe and the land. Aoraki is a Maori myth and legend.

Who are the actors and characters?
Aoraki -  (Latham), Rakiroa (Creedence), Rakirua (Cyprus), Rokiroa (Thomas), Rangi (Halaiano), Papa (Lavinia), Tuterakiwhano (Patrick), Hine Nui i te po (Fine), Mokopuna (Caitlin, Samantha, Oh S’mar and Jasmine), Mountains (Reon, Lani and Lorenzo), Trees (Harry & Jessie), Fish (Tim, San Tat, Jane and Jacob), Ducks (Raymond & Jason), Flowers (Zeba, June, Jharda’e, Linda and Ducati), Eel (John) and Narrator (Angel).

What role is Room 5 in the school production?
Room 5 is taking the role of Aoraki (The Southern Alps) Mountains.

What props need to be made/completed?
All the props are completed exept for Tu’s waka (which needs to be put together) Hine Nui i te po’s cape (which needs to dry) and Te Namu’s wing (which needs to dry).

How are you making the costumes and other props?
First Miss Paton draw an animal or prop onto a big piece of cardboard, then we paint the drawing and then cut it out.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

My comment to Room 5: Angel

This is my comment to Room 5 on our costumes and how well we are performing. We are doing really great at the moment.

Aoraki's Canoe: By Angel

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My results on Maths Whizz: Angel

This is my results on Maths Whizz. I think that I have improved on adding numbers then subtracting it. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

My maths whizz results: Angel

This is my results on mats whizz. I think I have done well but I think I can do much more better this week.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Production Goals: Angel

Production Goals

How to move from an OK performance to a Very Good Performance Move from being ZERO to HERO

* Talk slower - EVERYONE
* Look at the audience when we are speaking and acting out our parts
* Use more expression
* Don’t get distracted by the people behind- Cyprus, Thomas, Patrick, Linda, Fine, Angel, Jharda’e, Samantha, Oh S’mar, Jasmine, Jason
* Know the timing off by heart
* Talk louder - Fine, Angel,
* Be confident don’t be shy
* When you hear your cue- act on it.
* Look not laugh when someone makes a mistake
Don’t giggle when someone is acting
* Bodies facing audience, but also looking at the actor beside you - include your audience
* Don’t get distracted when you’re back stage
* Use some actions when you’re talking
* Get ready back stage
* Spread out those who are flowers, mountains, fish,
* Don’t let your class down
* Put lots of effort into the class performance
* Take your role seriously
* Leave other people alone
* Concentrate on your part

* Try and make the performance real

When I am speaking, I need to say it out loud and use lots of expression. I need to concentrate on my part and not anyone else. I also need to put lots of effort into my part and not let the class down on the actual night.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My instructions on making a Fredrich Vordemberge Gildewart Painting: Angel

Title: Instructions for making a Friedrich Vordemberge Gildewart Painting. Composition No By Angel

1x30 ruler
1 HB pencil
Acrylic Paints
2 thick and thin paint brushes
A2 Poster size paper

1. Plot dots every 5 cm across (horizontally) on your A2 paper with your ruler.
2. Join the dots together using a ruler
3. Plot dots every 5 cm downwards (vertically) using a ruler.
4. Join the lines together using a ruler
5. Number the squares and coordinates
6.  Plot a dot at the corner of 4 diagonally down to 3.
7. Complete the triangle  on the top left hand corner.
Coordinates: (4,3) Then join the dots together using a ruler.  
8. Complete the triangle, remember its in the triangle that we just drew.
Coordinates: (2,4) remember its in the top left corner.
9. Complete the triangle on the bottom right hand corner.
Coordinates: (8,9) and (11,6)
10. Complete the triangle, remember its in the triangle we just drew.
Coordinates: (8,9)
11. Complete the the triangle on the bottom left hand corner.
Coordinates: (2,8) and (2,1)
12. Pick any colour you like for your painting.
Start by painting three shapes with the base colour.
13. Add some white into your base colour to lighten your colour.
Paint four shapes with your colour you just mixed.
14. Continue mixing your base colour and making it lighter.
15. Pick a contrasting colour to paint the thin line with.
16. When your painting is dry you can add some Schwarzkopf hairspray to make it look shiny and beautiful.