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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Maths Whizz Results: Angel

This is my Maths Whizz results. I have attempted 16 exercises and 10 tests. I am really proud of my progress on Maths Whizz.

Friday, 2 August 2013

My holiday story: Angel

Wow! What an incredible holiday for me, I do not know where to get start but here is one of my favourite things that I experienced, going to Rainbows End.

It was a cold winter day but the sun was still shining, my family and I went on a trip to Rainbows End. It was the most incredible theme park I had ever been to. We travelled there by car. When we arrived there we paid for all of the rides my mum and aunty paid $364.60. We then went inside and got our bands. I could see The Fear Fall, The Pirate Ship and the Scorpion Karts from where I was standing. I was so excited. My mum split us up into two groups.

My cousins, my older sister and I were a group, and my mum, my younger sister, my younger cousin and my aunty were a group. My first ride was the Pirate Ship. Then I went to the Scorpion Karts. I then went to my mum and went with them on the Bumper Boats. Then I went into the Kidz Kingdom where I saw my my nephew Angelo and I went on a ride with him.

Then I went on the Log flume with my aunt, It was pretty scary but it was still fun. My aunt bought the picture of me posing and her screaming. We then went on the big rollercoaster it was really fun, but really sore at the end of the ride because my head was bumping from side to side. Me and my aunt then went on the Invader and I was really dizzy at the end. I thought we were going to fall off but we didn't.

Then we went to go and buy some cotton candy. I then went with my family and ate some K.F.C. and there was some entertainment. I then went with my cousins to the bumper boats again and I got really wet. Then I went on my last ride of the day The Fear Fall which was really scary. Overall, I had a really exciting and fun day at Rainbows End.