Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My reflection on Room 5's Production Item By Angel

My reflection on our production item

What is the story line of your production item?
The first scene focuses on Rangi (Halaiano), Papa (Lavinia), Aoraki and his three brothers. Rangi decided to send his four sons to look at the new earth. The four brother sailed day and night in the canoe. The brothers saw no land. The skies turned grey and rain started to fall. Aoraki was flung onto one of the rocks. The canoe did not sink. The brothers scrambled on top of the canoe. The canoe turned into a long piece of land. The second scene focuses on the brothers growing old. The brothers grew old. Their hair turned from black to white and their bodies turned into great stone mountains. Aoraki was the highest mountains and his brother were smaller mountains. The third scene focuses on Aoraki’s friends being worried. When Aoraki did not return home his friends got worried. Tuterakiwhano (Patrick) had an idea. His friends sailed and sailed to look for Aoraki. The friends saw the broken canoe and the land. Aoraki is a Maori myth and legend.

Who are the actors and characters?
Aoraki -  (Latham), Rakiroa (Creedence), Rakirua (Cyprus), Rokiroa (Thomas), Rangi (Halaiano), Papa (Lavinia), Tuterakiwhano (Patrick), Hine Nui i te po (Fine), Mokopuna (Caitlin, Samantha, Oh S’mar and Jasmine), Mountains (Reon, Lani and Lorenzo), Trees (Harry & Jessie), Fish (Tim, San Tat, Jane and Jacob), Ducks (Raymond & Jason), Flowers (Zeba, June, Jharda’e, Linda and Ducati), Eel (John) and Narrator (Angel).

What role is Room 5 in the school production?
Room 5 is taking the role of Aoraki (The Southern Alps) Mountains.

What props need to be made/completed?
All the props are completed exept for Tu’s waka (which needs to be put together) Hine Nui i te po’s cape (which needs to dry) and Te Namu’s wing (which needs to dry).

How are you making the costumes and other props?
First Miss Paton draw an animal or prop onto a big piece of cardboard, then we paint the drawing and then cut it out.

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