Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Matinee Reflection: By Angel

Today my class performed their production item in front of our parents and Tamaki Primary. I think that we did well even though we went on the stage at the wrong time. We were really calm on stage and did not panic. Mr Johnston said that Halaiano did a superb job at speaking loud. I also think that Halaiano did a great job. Everyone backstage did an excellent job not talking. Even though it was raining outside we still made it on stage at the right time. We got dressed up in our costumes in Room Four. We waited for awhile before we went on stage. Miss Paton told some people to take the boxes to the hall. Patrick, Yvette Fine had to take Waka No. 2 onto the stage, Caitlin, and Samantha had to take Waka No. 1 onto the stage and Angel (me) had to take the oars. I think that I need to talk louder even though I have a microphone. I also think that Lavinia, Fine and Patrick need to have  louder voices. I think that our whole class needs to get off and on stage faster. We also think we need to get more people to get the wooden props off the stage so that we don’t have to get the backstage people getting them all by running back to get them again and again. Overall I think that Room Five did an excellent job.

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Fine said...

Hey Angel,
I think your Matinee Reflection is very detailed. Keep up the good work Angel.

Yours truly,

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