Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My floor plan: Angel

This is my floor plan on my ideal classroom. If our school were given lots of money to spend on a classroom, these are some things I would like to have. I think that we should have an art area because if your spill dye on the carpet it might not be easy to get it of, it could be easier if you had a lino floor covering. In the art room it has a sink and a  cupboard connected, so you can store some paint, dye and paintbrushes in it and you could also wash the paintbrushes in the sink.  I would like to have a teacher aid room because it might be a waste of time taking a group from your class all the way to the other side of the school to work. I also think that we should have a teacher aid room because if the teacher worked in a classroom with a group/student the class might be too noisy for you to concentrate in. In The teacher aid room has a table to put your work on and chairs to sit on. I think that we should have a reading room because it is a nice place to sit and relax and read a book. In the reading room it has some beanbags and a book shelf for books. Next to the computers I have put a couch and an aquarium with fish in it. Next to the interactive whiteboard is the net-book cupboard. The teachers desk is opposite the computers. The aquarium diagonally across to the exit door. I hope you all enjoyed reading about some new things I would like in our classroom.

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