Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Wordle on Mothers Day By Angel

This is my wordle on Mothers Day. Please check it out and leave a comment.


Savannah said...

wow nice work angel i love the words tht u said about ur mum!

Isabella said...

Hi Angel

I love your mothers day wordle. I think when your mum sees it she will love it. I also like the way you set it out. Keep up the great work and make more wordles in class.


Caitlin said...

Hi Angel

I love your Mothers Day wordle. It is really creative. Your style is amazing and your colour is

From Caitlin

cridle said...

Hi Angle

that's a cool mothers day card I like the way that you made it

BY Lintre

cridle said...

HI Angle

I like your mothers day card it looks so cool I like it and keep up the good work.

Tam Brown said...

On you can make more images with your text.

cridle said...

hi angel

I like your wordle about your mother that is so nice of you.

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