Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Room 5's Ethnicities: Angel

This is me and Fine's chart me created. Our topic was Room 5's Ethnicities. We asked everyone what their ethnicity was. In total there are 12 Maori students, 5 Samoan students, 4 Tongan students, 3 Thai students , 1 Afghan student, 1 Kiribati student, 1 Bermese student and 1 Chinese student in Room 5. The most popular Ethnicity is Maori. I believe that majority of Room 5 is Maori because the native language of New Zealand is Maori. I also believe that there are a low amount of Kiribati, Chinese, Afghan and Thai students because there might be a low amount of people their language in this area or they might have just arrived in the country from overseas.

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