Friday, 14 June 2013

My speech - Should animals be used for scientific research: Angel

My speech - Should animals be used for scientific research? By Angel

Animals have something in common with humans, that thing is feelings. How would it feel like if you were taken away from your home and your family just for a scientific research? How would it feel like being in a weird scary room with needles being pricked into your body? Well, this is what some of the animals are experiencing.

Why do some scientists do research on animals?, why can’t they do it on other things? Some people think that the information that the scientists are gathering is quite entertaining including me, but the main source of the information is animals and how they are being treated. Animals shouldn’t be treated this way for research. If you think that going to the doctors and getting a blood test hurts, that is nothing to animals who are used for research, animals even get killed.

According to animal testing statistics about 13.4 million cats and dogs are put to death each year. 19.5 million are killed each year in research. The most common animal that is used in research are rabbits which equals a total of 245,786 rabbits. Each year about 70 million animals are blinded, scalded, force - fed chemicals and hurt or killed. 61% of animals suffer in no pain. Lots of different animals are tested. Tigers, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs, sheep and many more. Approximately 170,000 hamsters are used in research each year.  Several animal tests are commonly performed on rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs. Did you know that 92%  of experimental drugs that are and safe on animals fail to work on humans because they are too dangerous or they won't work.  

God created animals for a reason. Animals are really fun to play with.  I simply love animals. Scientists should stop using animals for their testing and start caring for them. It would be such a shame for me and other animal lovers to see how many dogs, cats and other species die each year through research.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that animal testing should stop so the world can be a safer place for both animals and humans.

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