Monday, 20 May 2013

My argument on Should we wear a school uniform at Panmure Bridge School

Should we wear a school uniform at Panmure Bridge School

Should we wear a school uniform at Panmure Bridge School. I think we should because it shows that we are representing our school.

Firstly, you can be identified by your school uniform. If you get lost in a crowd someone can identify you if you’re wearing a school uniform. Your school uniform also represents the school that you are from. If you are in dangerous situations someone can recognize you by your school uniform.     

Secondly, If you bring your clothes from home they may get ripped or damaged. Your school uniform is made out of a hard wearing durable materials, so that they can last for a long time and your younger siblings can wear them. If your clothes from home get dirty you may need to use a special kind of liquid or washing powder. Your uniform does not need any special kind of washing powder or liquid because they can go into the washing machine.

Thirdly, You can create a competition from your mufti.  When you wear your mufti clothes from home someone might like and steal them from you. If someone brings some really cool shoes or clothes to school hey can be really hard for some students whose parents are struggling with money. If you bring your good mufti clothes from home you can get bullied because some people might like your clothes and bully you for your clothes.

Overall I think school uniforms are best for parents.  Your school uniform it made out of hard wearable material, you won’t get bullied and other schools can identify you.

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