Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Little Red Riding Hood Narrative

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She lived with her mother named Margaret in a small cottage near Bunny Woods. They hadn’t seen any bunnies for a while. One day Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother took ill, she lived not far away from them. “Can you please take this to your Grandmother”. Her mother Margaret had baked custard tarts and placed them in a basket. She put on her red cloak that her Grandmother had knitted for her, grabbed the Custard Tarts in the basket and set off into Bunny Woods. “Remember to stay on the path and do not talk to strangers”. She shouted out. On the way there, she stumbled into the big bad wolf, she knew she wasn’t allowed to talk to him. “Why hello there Little Red Riding Hood, where are you off to today?” said the wolf. “I am off to take some custard tarts to my grandmother who is very sick” replied Little Red Riding Hood. “Very well then, I’ll see you later”and off the wolf went,  but the wolf had tricked Little Red Riding Hood and took a shortcut to grandma’s house. When the wolf arrived there, he pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood by copying her voice. The wolf knocked on the door “ Who is it?” said Grandma.
“It’s Little Red Riding Hood”. squeaked the wolf. “Come in” said grandma. So the wolf went into the house. The wolf could hear Little Red Riding Hood so the wolf swallowed Grandma from head to toe and put on her clothes, closed the curtains and jumped in her bed. Little Red Riding Hood knocked on the door “Who is it” said the wolf. “It’s Little Red Riding Hood”. “Come in” said the wolf, so Little Red Riding Hood went into the house. It was really dark because the curtains were closed. “Come closer dear” said the wolf, so Little Red Riding Hood went closer. “ What big ears you have?” said Little Red Riding Hood. “All the better to hear you with” said the wolf, “and what a big nose you have?” said Little Red Riding Hood “all the better to smell you with” said the wolf, “and what big teeth you have?”. “All the better to EAT YOU WITH!” shouted the wolf. So the wolf swallowed Little Red Riding Hood from head to toe. After he swallowed her the wolf took a long nap. During his nap time the woodcutter came past Grandma’s house and heard the wolf snoring, so he broke the door down and cut the wolf in half. There the woodcutter saw Little Red Riding Hood and Granny. That day they all had tea and lived happily ever after.

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