Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Bio Poem By Angel

 Is: Creative, Talented, Sensitive, Sensible 
 Daughter of: Sarai and Tavita
 Sister of: Arianna and Angari 
 Lover of: Music, Family, Life, singing, Instruments 
 Who feels: Guilty after I have lied, loved by her family, lonely when your friend’s gone out of Auckland 
 Who gives: love to her family and friends, donations to charities, kindness to everyone 
 Who fears: Strangers at night, Rejection, Aggressive Dogs 
 Who would like to see: Money grow on trees, the Eiffel Tower, Houses made out lollies 
 Who lives: in Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand


Anonymous said...

Hi Angel I like your Bio poem It tells me a lot of
information about you and i love your smile

Nicola / Nicky said...

Hi Angel,

I love ur bio poem! It's probably the best out of our class.

Keep up the wonderful work!

A friend...

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