Thursday, 5 April 2012

My Tapa instructions By Angel

How to make a Tapa Cloth
* Equipment
- Pencil
- Ruler
-30x30cm brown paper
- Vivid
- Bleach
- Brown dye
- Rubber
- Paint brush
- Cotton buds

1. Rule 3cm lines down and across which makes a 10 x 10 grid.
2. Draw in your patterns and border.
3. Go over your patterns with a vivid and shade in some of the your patterns too.
4. Rub out you grid.
5. When you have finished drawing your patterns scruch up your Tapa 10 times.
6. Dye the Tapa with brown dye with a paint brush.
7. Bleach your tapa with cotton buds the areas you would like white.
8. Hang your Tapa up on the wall.

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